Louisville Ky VA Mortgage

Free credit report and Free pre-approvals within 1 hour
Free credit report and Free pre-approvals within 1 hour
Louisville Kentucky Mortgage
107 South Husrtbourne Parkway, Louisville, KY | (502) 905-3708
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Expires: 06/01/11
More about Louisville Kentucky Mortgage

I specialize in Kentucky FHA/VA ,USDA, KHC, Conventional mortgage loans (Fannie Mae)in Ky. I am based out of Louisville Kentucky. I have helped over 589 Kentucky families buy their first home and refinance their current mortgage for a lower rate; For the first time buyer with little money, Kentucky Housing/KHC offers(zero-down)loans with downpayment assistance. Free credit report and Free pre-approvals within 1 hour..Call me today at 502-905-3708 or email me at kentuckyloan@gmail.com NMLS#57916

Louisville, Kentucky, United States
I have helped over 589 families buy or refinance their home over the last 13 years. You can trust me for your next mortgage loan. I deliver on what I say and I will give you honest, up-front personal attention you deserve for your home loan. I have several advantages over the big- mega banks in town. First, I can shop your loan thru different mortgage companies across the country to get you the best deal out there; whereas most banks will offer offer you their one and only deal. I have access to over 15 different mortgage companies to broker your loan thru. My rates and fees are usually better than local banks and you will not get lost in the shuffle like most borrowers do at the mega banks; your just not a number at our company, you are a person and we will treat you like one throughout the entire process. Free pre-approvals within 2 hours and get your loan closed within 15 days. Give us a try or let us compare what you have now. It’s free- Call locally at 502-905-3708; all times. Free credit reports and approvals. Stop by and see my at 107 South Husrtbourne Pkwy Louisville Ky 40222- or email me at kentuckyloan@gmail.com nmls 57916


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  2. Veteran Administration Loans in Louisville, KY

    With less than perfect credit, your options for a home loan in Louisville, KY may be limited. But if you’ve served in the military, you may qualify for quick approval and a low down payment with a Veterans Administration Loan.


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