How To Raise My Credit Score(s)

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The Credit Expert

Raising Your Credit Scores Is No Laughing Matter

Raising your credit scores takes some common sense, some insider information, (the kind you would really have to dig for, like court cases and published studies) and a plan of action.

There are basically two actions you can take to raise credit scores, one you can control, the second you can’t. Both are worth doing.

Let’s raise your credit scores with the actions you can take…

Start with using the credit cards you have.  If they have very low balances (less than 30% of your available credit line), keep those balances low and make your payments on time.  This adds positive credit history every 30 days as the creditor reports to the credit bureaus. If your balances are above that 30% threshold there are a couple of options.  (1) You can stop using them and pay down the balances until you…

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