Do bad debt or collections have to be paid off to get a VA loan approval in Kentucky

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Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Loan Programs for FHA, VA, KHC, USDA, Mortgage Loans in Kentucky for 2019

Collections on Credit Report and How They affect a Kentucky VA Mortgage Loan Approval
Collection accounts are accounts for a debt that have been submitted to a collection agency by the creditor generally due to nonpayment. Below are general tips and guidance on what DU will require when collection accounts are reporting on a borrower’s credit report.
Accounts that are reported as past due but not yet turned over to a collection agency must be brought current. These past due accounts are not considered collection accounts.
Kentucky VA Mortgage Loan Guidelines Below for Credit and Collections:
Any collection account required by DU to be paid must be paid prior to or at closing.
Isolated collection account do not necessarily have to be paid off for loan approval.
Borrowers with a history of collection accounts should have re-established satisfactory credit in order to be considered a satisfactory credit…

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