Myths with Credit Bureaus

Kerry Vasquez on Oregon Home Loans

Credit being  such a vital part of our daily lives, it is important that we as informed as possible on this subject. Here are some thoughts on that all important subjectcredit.

Myth No. 1 It is easy to dispute a credit report. Consumer’s can resolve their own issues.

To be honest, it IS simple to challenge a credit report. However, as an everyday person, it is amazingly difficult and frustrating to get results from the credit bureaus. Here’s why…

Here is a little known fact. More complaints to the FTC involve credit bureaus than any other type of company.                                         The 3 bureaus have paid fines of over 2.5 million over the years due to failure to respond properly to charges.

It would seem, the main objective of the credit bureaus is to protect their…

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