Kentucky VA Loans for Kentucky First-Time Home Buyers



Kentucky VA Loans for Kentucky First-Time Home Buyers

Are you a Kentucky first-time home buyer and also a veteran? Get approved for $0 down mortgage financing anywhere in Kentucky and up to $453,100 in financing on A VA Mortgage loan.

In this Kentucky VA Mortgage blog, we will walk you through the three-step process to get approved and close on your KY VA Loan as well as some other key information about confirming your VA Eligibility, finding a realtor, and associated costs.




Step 1: Prepare -Get approved for a Kentucky VA loan.

First you’ll need to verify your eligibility with VA Entitlement. Once you apply for your mortgage with us, we’ll be able to request your Certificate of Eligibility for Kentucky VA Home Buyers (COE) on your behalf. We’ll be able to determine the maximum amount you’re entitled to and will work on your request based on the findings from your COE. Typically, most KY VA buyers will be eligible to receive $113,275 towards their down payment, which allows you to finance 100% of your purchase.

Once this is verified, you’ll be able to apply, get pre-approved. You’ll know exactly what kind of house you can afford rather than just an estimate.

At this point, you can connect with a buyer’s agent (realtor) to start shopping for a home. Using a buyer’s agent is a huge benefit to you. They don’t cost you anything, and they’ll bring with them necessary real estate expertise. Realtors will receive a commission once you’ve purchased the home, but this commission is already worked into the price of any house being listed by another agent. Together, your realtor, your lender, and you will be able to identify the best houses you’re able to afford.

Keep in mind – houses can come and go very fast. It’s not uncommon for houses to be listed and sold within a month. After you’ve seen a house you really like, you need to be prepared to place an offer within a few days or even the same day you saw the house. This is why having your Approved Buyer Certification already is a huge advantage.

Step 2: Get Approved – Appraisal, home inspection, rate lock, and clear-to-close

Once you’ve found the right home and have your offer accepted, we’ll get you moving through the final approval and the closing process. If you already have your Approved Buyer Certificate, you’ll have most of the work already completed. One of our VA Loan experts will review your application and complete the unfinished parts.

You’ll get a Kentucky VA property appraisal and home inspection if necessary. Assuming that both of these come back favorably, you’ll lock in your rate, be clear-to-close, and schedule a closing date with the seller.

Step 3: Close on the home

Three business days before closing, we’ll provide you with a form called the Closing Disclosure listing all the fees associated with getting the loan indicating who pays what fee, which includes an appraisal fee, title fees, taxes and government fees, and a funding fee. You’ll do a final walkthrough of the property and confirm the seller will turn over the property to you as agreed. After the property legally transfers from the former owner to you and you sign all your final loan documents, you get the keys to your new home!


In order to get you pre-approved, I will need the following items from you. This is a free process and I will give you a copy of your credit report for free.

Kentucky VA Loan Mortgage Pre-Approval Checklist

  • one full month’s worth of pay stubs
  • Last 2 years W-2′s
  • Last 2 years tax returns 
  • Your  VA Certificate of Eligibility (we can help you get this if needed, just need your dd214) 
  • Last two months bank statements for all accounts

Once I get the information above, I can usually get you pre-approved in one day, and get your loan closed in 30-45 days after you get an accepted offer on a home.

Your first house payment usually starts 30-60 days after you close.

Your loan pre-approval is usually good for 60 days.
I don’t need originals, copies are fine. You can fax or email  me the above documents,  or meet me face-to-face if you wish to make copies and go over your options.

Let me know your questions.

Thanks and look forward to helping you.


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Kentucky VA Loan Requirements after a bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale

Kentucky VA Loan Requirements after a bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale below:

Kentucky VA Mortgage Lender

Kentucky VA Mortgage Lender

  • Foreclosure: 2 years from foreclosure completion date and date transferred back to the lender
  • Deed in Lieu: 1-2 years with re-established credit and acceptable extenuating circumstances; 3 years without
  • Short Sale: 2 years from previous sale closed date and new owner transfer date
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 7: 2 years
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 13: 1 year with bankruptcy court approval for mortgage process; 2 years from discharge


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