Kentucky VA Guidelines for Cash Out Refinance Loans


Kentucky VA Guidelines for Cash Out Refinance Loans

The VA guidelines still enable borrowers to refinance and get cash out with only 10% equity left in the home after the new loan. Maintaining the investment within a home may mean making some problematic decisions at certain times. When a home is in need of repair or renovation, it can be difficult to come up with the available for funds to make these improvements. Many people look for mortgage refinancingoptions that will provide additional cash to undertake these endeavors. VA guidelines for cash out refinance loans stipulate that the home owner must already have some equity within their home. The loan may not exceed 90% of the value of the property. This will allow the lending company to maintain some sort of collator on the loan while providing the home owner some value out of the equity in the property.


Cash refinancing is not as easy with conventional lenders, so consider the


VA loan for cash out transactions.

Cash Out with VA Refinancing up to 90% Loan to Value

These cash out limitations on


VA loans are meant to protect both the investor and the home owner. While it may appear to be restrictive, the 90% loan to value limitation will prevent the property owner from becoming underwater in their obligation toward the home. With many properties losing value and people facing foreclosure, this is a real threat. Although the cash will be used to increase the value of the building, it can still be a somewhat risky project in the current market. The additional funds will provide the needed finances for the materials to begin the refurbishing project while leaving 10% of equity within the building.

Because individuals need 10% home equity to quality for cash out refinance under the VA guidelines, the homeowner may need to make some special arrangements. The amount of funds available may be less than anticipated. If this is the case, finding ways to lower the cost of materials and labor can help get the most value out of the effort. If approached in an appropriate matter, the refinance option can also allow cash out for bill consolidation. This will allow the family to gain better financial ground while building up a nest egg for the future. VA rates for cash out loans should not be any higher, but your check with your loan officer for current pricing.

VA Refinancing Allows Cash Out for Bill Consolidation, Home Improvements and More

Using existing equity within a piece of property is a viable option to take on a home remodeling effort. The possibility of significantly increasing the value of a piece of property from the refurbishing project is a gamble worth considering. This can be a smart move toward the overall approach of making investments for the future well-being of family members. The ability to refinance an existing VA mortgage while remaining to retain 10% of equity within the building is a smart financial move to provide the funds to make needed repairs. After the project is complete, the family can enjoy their new surroundings with the secure knowledge of a solid mortgage.