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Your Complete Guide to the Kentucky VA Loan for 2019

The Kentucky VA Loan isn’t just for active duty military. Check out this complete guide to see if you might be eligible to use the Kentucky VA Loan.

Source: Your Complete Guide to the VA Loan

Kentucky VA Mortgage Loan Approval Checklist
Kentucky VA Mortgage Loan Approval Checklist


You can find more information and how to prove your eligibility on the VA benefits website. The specific service requirements and time periods can be found here.

Unfortunately, the VA loan cannot be used for ANY type of purchase. Like many federally sponsored programs there are very specific requirements to what can be bought with a VA loan.

As defined by the VA, the loan can be used for five types of homes, all of which must be your personal home. The specific VA wording can be found here.

  1. Buy a home or condominium unit in a VA approved project.
  2. Build a Home.
  3. Simultaneously purchase and improve a home.
  4. Improve a home by installing energy-related features or making energy efficient improvements.
  5. Buy a manufactured home and/or lot.

Multi-plex for a VA loan – The VA allows you to buy a single family, duplex (2 units), triplex (3 units) and a quadplex (4 units). The key is that you have to live in one unit, however, you are still allowed to rent the other unit(s) out.

Eligibility for a VA loan
Once you know that you qualify, the next step is to figure out your eligibility. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it sounds because it’s based on your location. The lowest total amount is $484,350 for a single family. All the numbers after that are based on location and the number of times the loan has been used. The VA location list to check eligibility can be found here.

Multiple VA Loans
The great thing about the new VA rules is not only are you given a set amount, but you can buy as many houses under the amount of the last local place. You entitlement includes the purchase price AND the funding fee (described below) of your location.

This is the Equation: Current Location Entitlement – Previous Entitlement(s) if you have multiple (Funding Fee included) = amount you have left.

So just because you are “out” in one location in regards to your VA loan eligibility, does not mean you should not have your mortgage broker check your eligibility in the next place you go. It never hurts to ask, you could be missing out on an opportunity!

Financing Above Your VA Loan
The VA loan does allow you to finance above your VA loan amount. The key thing to note is anything above the VA funding amount requires a down payment of 25%. So if you go above your funding amount by 10,000 you will now owe a down payment of $2,500.

VA Funding Fee
The VA funding is the only downside to the VA loan and using it for multiple loans. The VA loan charges a funding fee for all their loans. The rates depends on a couple of different variables so certainly look at this chart to figure out your funding fee.

Waiving of the Funding Fee
If you have a VA disability rating then you should definitely check out this article. I explain all the regulations and how all those fees/other expenses could be waived.

The VA loan is truly an amazing loan. There are so many nuances and great benefits. I highly recommend you find a great mortgage broker who can walk you through all the different possibilities. Did I miss anything regarding the VA loan? What has been your experience?


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Louisville Kentucky VA Home Loan Info

Basic Elements of a Louisville Kentukcy VA-Guaranteed Loan

Change Date
April 10, 2009, Change 9

  • This section has been updated to correct hyperlinks and make minor grammatical edits.
  • Subsection a has redefined the amount of guaranty.
a. General rules
The following table provides general rules and information critical to understanding a VA loan guaranty.  Exceptions and detailed explanations have been omitted.  Instead, a reference to the section in this handbook that addresses each subject is provided.
Subject Explanation Section
Maximum Loan Amount VA has no specified dollar amount(s) for the “maximum loan.”  The maximum loan amount depends upon:

  • the reasonable value of the property indicated on the Notice of Value (NOV), and
  • the lenders needs in terms of secondary market requirements.
3 of this chapter
Downpayment No downpayment is required by VA unless the purchase price exceeds the reasonable value of the property, or the loan is a Graduated Payment Mortgage (GPM).  The lender may require a downpayment if necessary to meet secondary market requirements. 3 of this chapter
Amount of Guaranty Guaranty is the amount VA may pay a lender in the event of loss due to foreclosure. 4 of this chapter
Occupancy The veteran must certify that he or she intends to personally occupy the property as his or her home. 5 of this chapter

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1.  Basic Elements of a VA-Guaranteed Loan, Continued

a. General rules (continued)
Subject Explanation Section
Interest Rate and Points Interest rate and points are negotiated between the lender and veteran.

  • The veteran and seller may negotiate for the seller to pay all or some of the points.
  • Points must be reasonable.
  • Points may not be financed in the loan except with Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loans (IRRRLs).
6 and 7 of this chapter
Purpose of Guaranty To encourage lenders to make VA loans by protecting lenders/loan holders against loss, up to the amount of guaranty, in the event of foreclosure. 11 of this chapter
Underwriting Flexible standards.  The veteran must have:

  • satisfactory credit, and
  • satisfactory repayment ability

–   stable income

–   residual income (net effective income minus monthly shelter expense) in accordance with regional tables, and

–   acceptable ratio of total monthly debt payments to gross

monthly income (A ratio in excess of 41% requires closer

scrutiny and compensating factors.).

chapter 4
IRRRLs (Streamline Refinancing Loans) Used to refinance an existing VA loan at a lower interest rate.

  • No appraisal or underwriting is required.
  • Closing costs may be financed in the loan.
  • Any reasonable discount points can be charged, but only two discount points can be financed in the loan.
  • No cash to the borrower.

Note:  A fixed rate loan to refinance a VA Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) may be at a higher interest rate.

1 and 2 of chapter 6

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1.  Basic Elements of a VA-Guaranteed Loan, Continued

a. General rules (continued)
Subject Explanation Section
Funding Fee The veteran must pay a funding fee to help defray costs of the VA home loan program.

  • Find the percentage appropriate to the veteran’s particular circumstances on the funding fee table.
  • Apply this percentage to the loan amount to arrive at the funding fee.
  • The funding fee may always be financed in the loan.
8 of Chapter 8


Closing costs Those payable by the veteran are limited by regulation to a specific list of items plus a one percent flat charge by the lender.

  • Any other party, including the seller, can pay any costs on behalf of the veteran.
  • Closing costs cannot be financed in the loan except on certain refinancing loans.  (See chapter 8.)
2, 4, and 7 of chapter 8
Security Instruments The lender may use any note or mortgage forms they wish as long as they contain certain VA-required clauses, samples of which may be found at: http://www.homeloans.va.gov/lenderssampdocs.htm. 1 of chapter 9