VA Home Loan Advantages

Kentucky VA Loans for Kentucky First-Time Home Buyers
Are you a Kentucky first-time home buyer and also a veteran? Get approved for $0 down mortgage financing anywhere in Kentucky and up to $453,100 in financing on A VA Mortgage loan.

In this Kentucky VA Mortgage blog, we will walk you through the three-step process to get approved and close on your KY VA Loan as well as some other key information about confirming your VA Eligibility, finding a realtor, and associated costs.

Richard Garza Homes

This last Memorial Day, my family was having a cookout with my granddaughter and her fiancee. They both qualify for VA Home loans and she asked my what some of the advantages of a VA Home loan over a conventional loan.

I produced this short video outlining the advantages of a VA Loan. This is the first in a series of short clips on the specifics of the VA Home Loan.
If you know anyone who qualifies for a VA Home Loan, please share. As a Veteran myself, this is one of the better benefits we get.Image


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