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I have helped over 589 Kentucky families buy or refinance their home over the last 18 years. Realizing that this is one of the biggest, most important financial transactions a family makes during their lifetime, I always feel honored and respected when I am chosen to originate their personal home loan. You can count on me to deliver on what I say, and I will always give you honest, up-front personal attention you deserve during the loan process. I have several advantages over the large banks in town. First, I can search and negotiate for your loan options through several different mortgage companies across the country to get you the best deal locally. Where most banks will offer offer you their one set of loan products. I have access to over 10 different mortgage companies to broker your loan through to get you the best pricing and loan products that may not fit into the bank's program due to credit, income, or other underwriting issues. You will not get lost in the shuffle like most borrowers do at the mega banks; you're just not a number at our company, you are a person and we will treat you like one throughout the entire process. Give us a try or let us compare your options on your next mortgage transaction. Call me locally at 502-905-3708. Free Mortgage Pre-Qualifications same day on most applications. Email me at kentuckyloan@gmail.com with your questions I specialize in Kentucky FHA, VA ,USDA, KHC, Conventional and Jumbo mortgage loans. I am based out of Louisville Kentucky. For the first time buyer with little money down, we offer Kentucky Housing or KHC loans with down payment assistance. This website is not an government agency, and does not officially represent the HUD, VA, USDA or FHA or any other government agency. NMLS# 57916 http://www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org/ Joel Lobb Senior Loan Officer (NMLS#57916) American Mortgage Solutions, Inc. 800 Stone Creek Pkwy, Ste 7, Louisville, KY 40223 phone: (502) 905-3708 Fax: (502) 327-9119 kentuckyloan@gmail.com Company ID #1364 | MB73346 http://mylouisvillekentuckymortgage.com Equal Housing Lender

VA Home Loan Eligibility Requirements

VA home loans can be used to:

– Buy a home, a condominium unit in a VA-approved project

– Build a home

– Buy a manufactured home and/or lot

VA Home loan is a government guarantee for a portion of the home loan, it is not a guarantee that you will receive a loan. You still need to have:
Suitable Credit. Due to the government guarantee for a portion of the loan, this allows lenders greater flexibility on credit scores. In today’s lending climate, most VA lenders require a score of at least 620. If your spouse will be obligated on the loan, he or she will need to hit the same benchmark.
The average FICO score for VA borrowers is 708, compared to 750 to 770 scores for conventional loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, respectively,
Sufficient Income to qualify for the amount you are requesting.

In order to apply for the VA Loan one needs to get ” A certificate of Elgibilty” This verifies to the lender that you qualify for a VA backed home loan.

Many lenders will help get the Certificate for you or you can apply for it online by going to the veterans affairs portal. You will need your DD 214 or if you are still on active duty you will need a statement of service.

The home that is being purchased must be occupied by the veteran/active duty member.
Veteran Must have been discharged under conditions other than dishonorable and meet the service requirements below

Each era has its own specific requirement, so be careful to match your service dates with eligibility requirement.
If one is still on active duty or are currently serving in the Reserve or national guard the below are the requirements.

If one is on active duty in order to qualify you need to have served at least 90 continuous days

As a Reservist or National Guard member one needs to have at least 90 days active duty. Another way to become eligible is to have served at least 6 years as a reservist or national guardsman and been honorably discharged. There are several other ways that one can qualify as outlined below.

VA website has more detail eligibility guidelines. go to benefits.va. gov
The VA Home Loan program is one of the better benefits we as veterans receive. I should know, I have used this program to purchase my own home.

This is just one in series of information videos that details the VA Home Loan Program. I hope that the information in this one has been helpful.

As Always, If you have any questions, regardless of your location feel free to call or contact me. Thank you and God Bless.

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VA home loans can be used to:
– Buy a home, a condominium unit in a VA-approved project
– Build a home
– Buy a manufactured home and/or lot
VA Home loan is a government guarantee for a portion of the home loan, it is not a guarantee that you will receive a loan.  You still need to have:
Suitable Credit.  Due to the government guarantee for a portion of the loan, this allows lenders greater flexibility on credit scores.  In today’s lending climate, most VA lenders require a score of at least 620. If your spouse will be obligated on the loan, he or she will need to hit the same benchmark.
The average FICO score for VA borrowers is 708, compared to 750 to 770 scores for conventional loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, respectively,
Sufficient Income to qualify for the amount you are requesting.
In order to…

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VA Home Loan Advantages

Kentucky VA Home Loans Guidelines | Kentucky VA Mortgage Home Lender

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This last Memorial Day, my family was having a cookout with my granddaughter and her fiancee. They both qualify for VA Home loans and she asked my what some of the advantages of a VA Home loan over a conventional loan.
I produced this short video outlining the advantages of a VA Loan. This is the first in a series of short clips on the specifics of the VA Home Loan.
If you know anyone who qualifies for a VA Home Loan, please share. As a Veteran myself, this is one of the better benefits we get.

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Top Reasons to Consider a VA Loan As a Veteran

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If you are a veteran, you should consider getting a VA loan. VA loans are offered the veterans by the federal government and they have significant advantages that normal loans do not provide. The VA loan program was started to make housing more affordable for today’s veterans. Those that honored our country in battle deserve a loan with a lower interest rate that’s guaranteed to provide you with financial assistance. Keep in mind, VA loans can only be offered by qualified lenders that are approved by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Below, you will find why VA loans are popular among veterans and why they are a smart decision when you are just getting ready to buy your first home after leaving the military.

Long-term financial assistance to eligible American veterans

A VA loan provide long-term financial assistance to all eligible American veterans. If you are just leaving…

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How to boost your credit score for A Mortgage Loan Approval in Kentucky!

VA Loan Mortgage Pre-Approval Checklist

one full month’s worth of pay stubs
Last 2 years W-2′s
Last 2 years tax returns
Your VA Certificate of Eligibility (we can help you get this if needed, just need your dd214)
Last two months bank statements for all accounts

Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Loans

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VA guaranteed loans are made by private lenders, such as banks, credit unions, or mortgage companies to eligible veterans for the purchase of a home, which must be for their own personal occupancy. Veterans apply for a loan through a lender and if the loan is approved, VA guarantees a portion of the total loan amount. VA’s guarantee allows the veteran to obtain a competitive interest rate without having to make a downpayment. The amount of a loan a veteran can be approved for depends on the property location and entitlement available, as well as credit and income factors. Please contact a VA-approved lender for assistance in determining the loan amount that you may qualify for.


Equal opportunity for all qualified veterans to obtain a VA loan.
No down payment (unless required by the lender or the purchase price is more than the reasonable value of the property).
Buyer informed of reasonable value.
Negotiable interest rate.
Ability to finance the VA funding fee (plus reduced funding fees with a downpayment of at least 5% and exemption for veterans receiving VA disability compensation).
Closing costs are comparable with other financing types (and may be lower).
No mortgage insurance premiums.
An assumable mortgage.
Right to prepay without penalty.
For homes inspected by VA during construction, a warranty from builder and assistance from VA to obtain cooperation of builder.
VA assistance to veteran borrowers in default due to temporary financial difficulty.


Guarantee that a home is free of defects. VA guarantees only the loan. It is the veteran’s responsibility to assure that he/she is satisfied with the property being purchased. The VA appraisal is not intended to be an “inspection” of the property. A veteran should seek expert advice (a qualified residential inspection service), as necessary, BEFORE legally committing to a purchase agreement

.If you have a home built, VA cannot compel the builder to correct construction defects although VA does have the authority to suspend a builder from further participation in the home loan program. VA cannot guarantee that a veteran is making a good investment. VA cannot provide a veteran with legal services.


Contract to purchase: Veteran selects home and discusses purchase with seller or selling agent and signs purchase contract conditioned on approval of a VA guaranteed loan. Loan application: Veteran selects lender, presents Certificate of Eligibility, and completes loan application.

Lender will develop all credit information and request VA to assign a licensed appraiser to determine the reasonable value for the property.
veteran will pay for credit report and appraisal unless the seller agrees to pay.
Either VA or the lender will issue a value for property for loan purposes based on the appraisal.

Loan decision: If the established value is acceptable to all parties and the lender develops that a veteran is credit and income qualified, the loan may be approved. Most lenders are authorized to make this decision. Loan closing: Veteran (and spouse) attend the loan closing and sign the note, mortgage, and other related papers.

The lender or closing attorney will explain the loan terms and requirements as well as where and how to make the monthly payments. When the loans reported to VA, the Certificate of Eligibility is annotated to reflect the use of entitlement and returned to the applicant. (The loan closing procedure may vary in some states.)

HOW CAN I OBTAIN MORE INFORMATION ABOUT VA HOME LOANS? Call VA at 1-877-827-3702 or visit VA’s web site at or contact a local lender or real estate professional.




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Disclaimer: No statement on this site is a commitment to make a loan. Loans are subject to borrower qualifications, including income, property evaluation, sufficient equity in the home to meet Loan-to-Value requirements, and final credit approval. Approvals are subject to underwriting guidelines, interest rates, and program guidelines and are subject to change without notice based on applicant’s eligibility and market conditions. Refinancing an existing loan may result in total finance charges being higher over the life of a loan. Reduction in payments may reflect a longer loan term. Terms of any loan may be subject to payment of points and fees by the applicant  Equal Opportunity Lender. NMLS#57916 http://www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org/
— Some products and services may not be available in all states. Credit and collateral are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. This is not a commitment to lend. Programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. The content in this marketing advertisement has not been approved, reviewed, sponsored or endorsed by any department or government agency. Rates are subject to change and are subject to borrower(s) qualification.



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What Does Having Basic Entitlement of $36,000 Mean?
The $36,000 does not represent the maximum loan amount you can obtain through the VA Home Loan Program. The figure merely provides evidence to your lender that you have full VA entitlement.
With this entitlement and underwriter approval, you can obtain a loan in an amount up to $417,000; some high cost counties have even higher limits.
I Now Have My COE, What Do I Do Next?
 Contact any VA approved lender and start the loan process. Do note that the COE does not guarantee you a VA loan; you still must qualify based upon your income and credit.
How Do I Apply For a Loan?
VA does not do any direct lending, and as such VA does not accept loan applications from veterans. You must contact a VA approved lender in order to apply for a VA loan. For more information about VA loans, visit www.benefits.va.gov/homeloans/.
What is the VA Interest Rate?
VA does not establish interest rates or closing costs for VA loans. Rates are negotiable between you and your lender. It is advisable to obtain quotes from at least three different lenders.
What is the Minimum Credit Score Required for a VA loan?
VA has no minimum credit score requirement. However, the lender you choose to do business with may have such a requirement.
What Types of Property Does My COE Cover?
The VA Home Loan program guarantees loans for real property that is to be used by the veteran as a primary residence. The program does not cover vacation homes, vacant land, multiplexes in excess of four units, motorhomes, small business loans, or commercial buildings.
Can I Use My VA Entitlement to Refinance?
Yes. You can refinance any type of loan on your property using your VA entitlement.
Why Does My COE Reflect a Paid-in-Full Loan With No Restoration of Entitlement?
In order for entitlement to be restored, the prior VA loan must be paid in full and the property disposed of. If you no longer own the property, please state as such on your application form 26- 1880 and resubmit. Do note that you can obtain a restoration of entitlement without disposing of the property when the loan is paid in full on a one time basis




Benefits.gov Basic FHA Insured Home Mortgage Update



Source: Benefits.gov Basic FHA Insured Home Mortgage Update

Compensating factors may affect the loan decision for a Kentucky VA Mortgage Denial.

Kentucky VA Home Loans, Zero Down

Kentucky VA Home Loan Benefits, Kentucky VA Home Loans, Kentucky VA Loan Guidelines, Kentucky VA Loan Limits, Louisville Kentucky VA Home, Louisville VA Mortgage Rates

Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Rates

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KentuckyVA Home Loans – A great Zero Down home loan program for Kentucky VETERANS. We provide VA home loans in all Counties of Kentucky, including Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green,  Owensboro, Etown, Radcliff, and all Northern Kentucky Counties

VA Loans require no down payment and allow you to qualify for a more expensive home. Plus, today mortgage rates on VA loans are very low, making homes even more affordable.

The VA doesn’t actually make loans. Instead, it insures loans so that if buyers default for some reason, the lenders will get their money. This encourages lenders to give mortgages to people who might not otherwise qualify for a loan.

VA Home Mortgage Loan Advantages vs Other Mortgage Loan OptionsMilitary VA Home Mortgage Loan lender in Minneapolis St Paul MN Milwaukee Madison WI

VA home loans do not require a down payment, unless the purchase price is more than the appraised value or in excess of current loan limits.

VA home…

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