Refinance Guidelines and Information for Kentucky VA Mortgage Loans.

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Kentucky VA Mortgage Refinance Guidelines

  • Borrow up to 100% of the home’s value. Unlike other programs that only allow 80% or 85% of the home’s value.
  • No Income or Asset verification is required. We don’t need your paystubs, w-2’s tax info, or bank statements. Much easier qualifying.
  • No Appraisal is required (unless Discount is being charged to borrower – see below)—-VA does not require a new appraisal. So even if your home has not equity or went down in value, we can go off on old value when doing a rate and term with no cash back.
  • No Credit Qualifying. Meaning we don’t have to repull credit again and check your fico scores. Just verify your last 12 months mortgage history is on time.
  • VA Funding Fee is .50%, much less than the 2 or 3% you pay when you buy the home, If disabled, you will not have to pay the funding fee.
  • Can refinance an investment property as long as you can document it was formerly the borrower’s primary residence
  • At least 6 monthly payments must have been made on the original loan being refinanced; AND
  • The first payment due date of the new loan must be at least 210 days after the first payment due date of the original loan being refinanced
  • A copy of the Note from the previous loan being refinanced must be provided
  • An IRRRL refinancing a Fixed Rate Mortgage into another Fixed Rate Mortgage must result in a rate reduction of at least 0.5%
  • An IRRRL refinancing a Fixed Rate Mortgage into an Adjustable Rate Mortgage must result in a rate reduction of at least 2.0%
  • IRRRLs in which a Discount is being charged to the borrower will now require an Exterior-Only Appraisal to be ordered
  1. If the Discount being charged is 1% or less, the loan will be limited to 100% LTV based on the value of the Exterior-Only Appraisal
  2. If the Discount being charged is more than 1%, the loan will be limited to 90% LTV based on the value of the Exterior-Only Appraisal
  • Loan must current be guaranteed by VA and must be current
  • Closing costs must be recouped within 36 months
  • Proposed P&I payment must be less than current payment unless:
  1. Veteran refinancing ARM to Fixed
  2. Term of IRRL is shorter than existing loan as long as payment does not increase over 20%
  3. Energy efficiency improvements are included in the IRRL


Refinancing a Kentucky VA Loan

Kentucky VA loans may be used to replace an existing mortgage, called “refinancing.” A KY VA refinance may be used to reduce an existing interest rate, change loan terms or a combination of both. The most common reason to refinance is to lower the monthly payment. A borrower may take out a KY VA loan then later see that interest rates have fallen and are lower than an existing rate. By refinancing, the borrower can replace the old loan with a new one to obtain the lower rate and subsequent lower mortgage payment.

A refinance can also make sense when changing loan terms such as switching from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate or adjusting the term of the loan to save on interest charges.
The Streamline

The Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan, or IRRRL is commonly referred to as the Kentucky Mortgage Refinance VA “streamline” refinance program. This is a special VA loan to VA loan refinance that requires very little documentation to obtain an approval. Some of the features of the VA streamline are:

• No appraisal needed

• Income or employment is not verified

• No credit review

• Closing costs may be rolled into the loan amount

As long as you’re reducing your current mortgage payment, not taking any cash out or switching from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate loan, you may qualify for this unique program and you don’t have to use your existing Kentucky VA lender in order to benefit from the Kentucky VA streamline mortgage.
Cash Out VA loan Refinance

Cash out refinance loans allow the borrower to pull out equity in the home in the form of cash during the course of a refinance. While the VA doesn’t establish a maximum loan amount, most VA lenders do place limits on the loan based upon the current value of the property and the final loan amount. Lenders may limit any cash out loan to 80 or 90 percent of the property’s current value. If taking cash out of your home is needed and you have sufficient equity in your home, it may be better to obtain a home equity loan or refinance into a conventional mortgage.
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Disclaimer: No statement on this site is a commitment to make a loan. Loans are subject to borrower qualifications, including income, property evaluation, sufficient equity in the home to meet Loan-to-Value requirements, and final credit approval. Approvals are subject to underwriting guidelines, interest rates, and program guidelines and are subject to change without notice based on applicant’s eligibility and market conditions. Refinancing an existing loan may result in total finance charges being higher over the life of a loan. Reduction in payments may reflect a longer loan term. Terms of any loan may be subject to payment of points and fees by the applicant  Equal Opportunity Lender. NMLS#57916
— Some products and services may not be available in all states. Credit and collateral are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. This is not a commitment to lend. Programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. The content in this marketing advertisement has not been approved, reviewed, sponsored or endorsed by any department or government agency. Rates are subject to change and are subject to borrower(s) qualification.

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Louisville Kentucky mortgage rates

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Louisville Kentucky mortgage rates.

via Louisville Kentucky mortgage rates.

Kentucky VA Loan Guidelines

Kentucky VA Loan Guidelnes

VA Loan Credit Issues

VA will analyze a borrower’s past credit performance in determining the loan for approval. A borrower who has made timely payments for the last 12 months serves as a guide and demonstrates their willingness to repay future credit obligations. On the opposite side, a borrower who reflects continuous slow payments, judgments and delinquent accounts is not a good candidate for loan approval.
Below is a list of items concerning the borrower’s credit:


In circumstances not involving bankruptcy, satisfactory credit is generally considered to be reestablished after the veteran, or veteran and spouse, have made satisfactory payments for 12 months after the date of the last derogatory credit item(s).
When the underwriter analyzes the borrowers credit; it is the overall pattern of credit behavior that must be reviewed, rather than isolated cases of slow payments. A period of financial difficulty does not disqualify the borrower if a good payment pattern has been maintained since then.
Account balances reduced to judgment by a court must either be paid in full or subject to a repayment plan with a history of timely payments.


In the area of credit, the lack of an established credit history should not be a deterrent to loan approval. As provided in the credit standards, a satisfactory payment history on items such as rent, utilities, phone bills, etc., may be used to establish a satisfactory credit history.


The Kentucky VA guidelines state that a minimum of two years must elapse since the discharge date of the borrower and / or spouse’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy, not the filing date. A full explanation of the bankruptcy will be required. The borrower must also have re-established good credit, qualify financially and have good job stability.


The Kentucky VA guidelines state that they will consider a borrower still paying on a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy if the payments to the court have been satisfactorily made and verified for a period of one year. In addition, the court trustee will need to give written approval to proceed. A full explanation of the bankruptcy will be required. The borrower must also have re-established good credit, qualify financially and have good job stability.


The Kentucky VA guidelines state that if a collection is minor in nature, it usually does not need to be paid off as a condition for loan approval. Judgments must be paid in full prior to closing. A borrower is not eligible for the loan if they are delinquent on any federal debt. This can include tax liens, student loans, etc. Payment arrangements that would bring the borrower up to date may be considered for loan approval.


A borrower whose previous residence or other real property was foreclosed on or given a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure within the previous two years since the disposition date is generally not eligible for a VA insured mortgage. If the foreclosure was on a Kentucky VA loan, the applicant may not have full entitlement available for the new loan.


If a veteran, or veteran and spouse, have prior adverse credit and are participating in a Consumer Credit Counseling Plan, they may be determined to be a satisfactory credit risk if they demonstrate 12 months’ satisfactory payments and the counseling agency approves the new credit